Nature and weather

Photographer: Henrik Trygg

There are over 30 000 islands in the Stockholm Archipelago. 120 of them are populated. So there is a lot of variety to be explored.  There are locations that are unique, reachable and the best part: off season you’ll be on your own.

But then again we are talking about water, cliffs,  wind and weather so you will need to plan and get the right crew to safely get to the locations you want to get the shots that make your film unique. 

Weather you ask? No, we cannot guarantee your dream sky or rainy storm but we promise great locations and – with the right location scout, location manager or production service company – great and unique “shots in the can”.


  • End of August: sunrise 05:25, sunset 20:10
  • Mid November: sunrise 07:40, sunset 15:20
  • Beginning of March: sunrise 06:30, sunset 17:20
  • Beginning of June: sunrise: 03:35, sunset 21:50


  • Coldest month is February with an average of -2 degrees Celsius but it can get as low as -20.
  • Warmest month is July with an average of 20 degrees Celsius but as high as up to 30.
  • Spring and fall is between 0 and 15 degrees with high variation

Snow & ice

During the winter months of january and february you can get periods of ice and snow. We must say that that is not the case every year but most years you get periods of snow and ice in at least the inner part os th earchipelago.