Three Concepts

Photographer: Henrik Trygg

One package to bring you all. The most desolate island, the lonely rock in the Baltic sea, the romantic scenery with traditional mopeds and buildings, nature, modern architecture as well as the archipelago near the city are all there for you.

Off season you can have it all, but without the tourists and crowds. We cannot guarantee your dream sky or rainy storm but we promise great and truly unique locations.

 Is it a hassle? It depends where you want to go. If you are going to the outpost of the archipelago it could be, but in other places you can drive for 40 minutes, park several trailers nearby the location and walk. The diversity is one of many strengths of the archipelago. You will probably have to plan and give it time, but in some cases, with a good local location manager or scout to guide you you can be spontaneous. 

Here is a short presentation of the three concepts. They are mearly examples and there is so much more. If you would like to read more and get into the mood we recommend that you download the flyers here and the manual here.  They will give you inspiration and a framework to start with.

Archipelago around the corner: Björkvik

Photographer: Henrik Trygg

40-minute drive from Stockholm city center, you can find hidden gems like Björkvik. The road goes right up to the cliffs and beaches, you can se a glimpse of the main road to the right in the picture above. Set up basecamp on one of the large parking spaces, have lunch at the restaurant. All this next to a variety of beaches, mixed forest and cliffs with crashing waves and the wide open sea.

  • 40 min drive from from Stockholm City
  • 20 minutes from the closest hotel
  • Large parking space and restaurant

There is an inspirational flyer you can have a look at Archipelago around the corner – bjorkvik.

Romantic and unexpected archipelago: Sandhamn and Utö

Photographer: Henrik Trygg

The romantic archipelago with small red cottages with white corners, gravel roads with bikes and flatbed mopeds and gentle life. You will find this on islands such as Sandhamn and Utö among others. These islands are also often perfect basecamps. Here you have electricity, accommodations, food and drinks. You have cliffs and sandy beaches and a boatride away you can find windswept islands all to yourself, off season.

  • 45 minute boat ride from shore
  • Open all year
  • Beds and rooms in different comfort levels
  • Restaurants
  • Romantic or rough, beaches, cliffs and sandy forest 
  • Perfect hub to emanate from if you want to reach surrounding islands.

There is an inspirational flyer you can have a look at The romantic archipelago.

The impossible outpost: Huvudskär

Photographer: Henrik Trygg

In solitude with the ocean, waves, cliffs, cottages, light houses. Where civilization ends and nature is setting the conditions. You have unique locations such as Huvudskär at your fingertips. Sure you’ll need to take your time to prepare and you’ll have to bring all you need. It’ll take some time and effort but it will be rewarding, unique and breathtaking.

  • Spartan accommodation
  • 13 km from Utö by boat
  • 20-30 beds
  • Bring all you need
  • No electricity and running water

There is a inspirational flyer you can have a look at The outpost.

There is more

To see some more examples or explore other parts of the archipelago go to our Resources page. Or if you already know what you want get in touch wiht our production service comapnies or location scouts.