Stockholm Film Commission

View of the city hall and old town of Stockholm. (Photo: Björn Olin)

Are you considering or planning a production in the Stockholm region? The film commission is here to help and we work in a number of ways to create a more film-friendly region. We are your way to a smooth way to produce your film in Stockholm.

We provide preliminary assistance on film regulations, logistics, crew, equipment and contact with the authorities in Stockholm. We can also give you an overview of potential co-producers or production service providers. The Stockholm Film Commission is the natural bridge between the film industry and authorities in the Stockholm region and will ensure that your film shoot runs as smoothly as possible.

Here is an introduction to filming in the Stockholm area. If you want to know more about our production resources, you’ll find information here  This page is a work in progress. Contact us for details. If you want to apply for permits there is a guide here. The permits page is in Swedish, since all permitting is done in Swedish.

Please contact us to enquire about our discretionary service.

Stockholm Film Commissioner
Daniel Chilla
+46 (0)70-238 67 08