Resources in the Archipelago

Photographer: Daniel Chilla

You need people, know-how and equipment. Then you need time and money. And a good story. And, and, and…
You know all this – but let us help you a bit on your way. 

There are a lot of different kinds of resources to help you plan and execute your production. We would strongly recommend that you get a local production manager, scout, service company or similar service that fits the size and type of the production you are planning. But before you do, you might want to scout on your own. So check out or Archipelago Locations section.

To film in Stockholm

You will need to know what permits to get and how to get around so get a local resource for this. But there are also places where you do not need any permits at all if you have a small and flexible team. Larger teams will always need more planning as you know. But to give you a sense of how it works to film in Stockholm you should start by reading the section on “Shooting here”.

A bit on financing and incentives…

No film without money. Film Stockholm manages a film fund that you might be eligible to apply to for funding. If you partner with a local producer, if your project has a regional connection and/or is produced at least partly in the region you might be eligible to apply. We also handle the applications for the Gotland Film Fund if you plan to film or produce on the island of Gotland.

Read more here. The page is in english ut you can use the translate feature on top of the page. You can also get in touch with contants listed on that page.

And yes – Sweden finally has a 25% tax incentive. Of course there are some rules and regulations attached. The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth is handling the incentive. Have a look here to see if you are eligible and learn more about applying.

Production resources

You have lots of locations and then you need your people, your crew, your partners to really get things going. Here is a start.

Production Service

If you are looking for a partner and you want you production lined up in Stockholm then you should take a look at our page with companies specialized in production service here

All the production companies

The national producers association also has a list of production companies that are interested in collaboration and production service. Have a look here.

Scouts and fixers

If you have a clear picture of what you need help with, if you want to do more of the work yourself or maybe you have a smaller production, you can get in touch with local scouts and fixers here.